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Working on beads

  Hi there,  this week I started working on a collection of beaded beads and peyote beads.  Now what I intend to do at the end with all of them I do not know.  but I thought that I should at lease expand my ability to do these beads as something will surely come to mind.    I started with something simple, a beaded bead made with fire polish (4 mm)  that was easy to do.  but I really like the finished product, so  I actually made several of them.  I a also started on doing some peyote beads.  they are tube beads and again,  I have not idea what I want to do,  just make a bunch and see what happens.   Peyote for me is extremely relaxing and I find that I could spend all my time making peyote beads or really anything else.  I do have a few peyote panels to get off my bead boards this next few weeks and I hope that I get them done.  I really want to be able to display them as I really love the picture .

   Well,  that's the news in my bead corner this week,  hope to have lots of beads to show you next week.  Happy crafting to all the other crafters out there.

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