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When it rains!!!

Well.  I really want to blog more often,  but when the hard drive on the computer decides to give up the ghost,  it makes it a bit hard.  I have been busy making jewelry and working on some really cute eggs.  But not too many pictures.   I think that I will have to plan a photo op day next week,  since it is quiet  in town right now,  and just see what I can find out and about.

With the hard drive dying,  not only did  i not get to blog ,  but  i also lost a bunch of information.  So a word to the people like me,  who really don't like using  paper to store information. ,, Get your self a journal book. and either write down the information in it or print it out and paste it in.  It will certainly cause you less grief in the long run,  I am talking about game codes,  directions for a piece of jewelry or an egg, anything that you might think was important.   I am not even sure that I am going to be able to get back all the information that I lost.  being that some of it I can not even remember  where i got it from.  (Just knew that it was important).  Lost some photos as well  that had been sent to me.  ( Yes  mine are backed up)  ( several times and several different places)

I enjoy bead weaving  and can not wait to add some interesting pieces to my store.  That is my goal for the next few weeks is to try and get two or three pieces up.  I am also playing in the copper wire and making some really neat bracelets  that are woven designs.  Hope to have them up in the store soon.

Keep designing and doing your art,  what ever it may be.

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