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Whats on my Bead Board.

   Well,  as you can see, I have lots of beads on the bead board and I am working of another challenge.   I hop to have this done in the next few day,  since all it is doing here is raining like nobody's business.  Which makes for a good time to sit and bead.   I really love doing challenges,  It really makes me stretch my imagination with the designs and types of beads to use.

This is one of my designs,  that I did and really enjoy wearing.   It really suits my style  and I feel very elegant where in wear it.  I think I make my jewelry in mind with what I would like to wear  and what my style is,  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  Not everyone has the same style and not everyone is going to want to wear my jewelry.  But hopefully I have something that appeals to most people.   I am willing to make something  that is not my style, if I am asked.  and I am always willing to make something for a special occasion.

       So Happy Beading

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