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The waiting is almost over

Well, soon we will get our bead blog partners.  Since this is my first time, I am super excited , but also a bit nervous.  I hope that I do my partner proud with what I make and that she likes what I send her.  I will be posting a few teasers later this week, and I really mean teasers.

But other then that  I have been working on some of my eggs this week.  I have several things that I am trying to do for valentines day.  Which is a mixture of eggs and jewelry.  I need to make sure that they will stand up to wear and tear of being worn.   This is something new that I am working on.  Now the thicker the egg, the less likely you would have breakage.  But sometimes you need to use the lighter weight of  smaller egg shell.  So then you have to reinforce it.  So now what to use to reinforce it.  Epoxy is one alternative, the only problem is that if turns color over time.  Therefore I am experimenting with other mediums  and possible use of material,  We shall see where I get with this

Here are a few Ideas for the swap:

Teaser 1:  Nature.

Teaser 2: Victorian

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