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  Well,  I recieved all my goodies from my partner Katy. (http://onthepondcreations.blogspot.com/)  Before I tell you what wonderful things I got from her, let me tell ou about opening the package.  First of all I looked at the package and saw two stamps.  ( I love stamps,  I use them in jewelry)  Wow.  Bonus.  I can make some more jewelry.

Second,  I opened the package and found a lovely card with an absolutely stunning photo of a flower (orange jewel" dahlia)  Now when I am not busy making jewelry or working on my farm, I take photos,  especially photos of flowers.  So that was super special.

Then I started unwrapping the little packages.  Well,  that was beyond wonderful,  I have purple and green seed beads,  fire polish beads,  enameled clasp  ( BeadSwede, Etsy)  Lamp work discs ( ClassySassy, Etsy),  O beads  and the most beyond beautiful piece of Shibori Ribbon   In the most glorious shade of Purple

 I already have a few good ideas as to what this is going to turn into.  But you will just have to wait and see.

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