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I got accepted to the latest blog hop.  Which is really exciting.  I can not wait to do this.  One of the questions that many people have asked me and I am sure that others would like to know,  Is why do I make Jewelry? and how did I start.   Well,  the answer is not  straight forward.  When  I was 12 my Sunday school teacher was talking about rock hounding and cutting cabachons.   I was very interested in what he was talking about so I got my dad to take me over to his house.  and he taught me how to cut stones.  I have been doing that off and on for the last 40 + years.  Then jI have had this nice collection of cabs, and I needed to do something with them.  So I started making jewelry ,  just simple stringing with the cab as the focal.  Then I started seeing all the bead weaving using cabs and other focal beads.  I did not think that  I could possibly do that!!!!   But I joined a wonderful bead society ( Wild West Bead Society) and with the encouragement of the members and with wonderful teachers that they brought in  (Jill Wiseman,  Amy Loh Kupser, and Maggie Meister)  I earned, herringbone, RAW, CRAW, and everything in between.  So  I give a big thanks to all the wonderful people who taught me, and know that I will always be up to the challenge of trying to better my beading.
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