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Taking Time for yourself

How many of us artists wake up and just jump right into making our art.  Have you felt yourself becoming less enthused about it?  Well,  it is called taking time .  We tend to want to work on our artwork daily,  but forget to recharge ourselves.  this will lead to us getting flustrated with what we are doing.   It is very simple.  We need that downtime,  for us,  by us and with no one else.   WE need as artists to be able to take care of ourselves, as people.  ( I am not so sure that this just pertains to artist either)   When is the last time you took time for yourself.  Not with a partner,  not with the kids,  Just doing something for you?   I would believe that most of us would say that it had been far to long.   Well,  this week I challange everyone,  Artists, and others alike to go out and just do something for yourself.    Go to the museum,  go on a walk,  go to the park,  go to the spa,  just do something  just for yourself.  Then come home and do your art,  interact with the family or whatever,  I am sure you will find your self much more in tune with yourself. and ready to work again.
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