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  Well,  for the past few weeks I have been working on several of Deb Moffett-Hall designs that she put out  years ago for Christmas ornaments.  This is the third one that I am almost finished with.    I have done the birds ( cardinals and chickadees),  the angles, and now the cats.  I still have the flowers to do and I think she has another one with different birds,  that I want to find and do.   I enjoy doing these,  and yes I have used them in jewelry.   I have changed the size of the beads from size 11 to 15 and have done them as seperate panels.  they really look nice as a small panel with either crystals hanging down from the point or even a small decorated egg.

 Just something to think about , when you get patterns,  is can I drop the size and use it in a different way.  You might be surprised what you might design.

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