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On My Bead Board

  Well,  This is what is on my bead board for the week.  Lots of crystals!!  I am going to be working on some beautiful crystal earrings and bracelets.    I do enjoy making all types of jewelry,  from bead weaving, chain maille, and wire weaving to crystal beads and making my own cabachons.  I find myself doing several different styles at one time,  and having many projects going on at the same time.    I know that some people don't work that way,  but for me it works.  So what can I say.

  But when working on eggs,  the total opposite is true.  I will start one egg and keep working on it until it is done.    I will not even work on any jewelry at the same time.  I don't understand what it is that makes me want to focus on just the one project,  but I find if I try to work on anything else.  I won't finish the egg.   That is not true with Jewelry,  I will just bounce from one to another,  but will always get everything done.

I am also going to be working on trying to get some good photos of my jewelery this week  so that they can be put in the store.  I had done lots of photos but there was a slight problem.  I ended up with dust and they don't look good.  So back to the drawing board for that.

I will post the end result of the crystal earrings and bracelets as soon as they are done.

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