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Moment of Discovery

  You know the thrill of finally getting a long awaited project done.  Of how you have picked and chosen the components of the piece and how you have thought about how they are going together.  And sometimes, even thought  your vision looks good in your mind, when you actually start doing the work, the colors just don't translate the way you think that they should, so then you spend time, ripping pieces apart or changing up the order of the beads that you are using to see if the pattern will look better.

  I call this time the Moment of Discovery .  I am sure that all of you have your own name for it.  The Aha moment, when the design you saw in your head actually comes together in front of your eyes.

  I know that many of you have said  "Well.  that's not quite what I invisioned."  or something along those lines.  But sometimes we see that although we did not follow our design or that it did  not turn out just right, we actually have something we like and that the piece is quite beautiful.

   And of course, sometimes, we still rip out the parts that are not quite right and keep working on the piece until it does come close to matching the vision in our head.  Only then are we completely satisfied.  and only then do we say we have finished.

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