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Lovely Little store

  I went to Blue Ridge Ga. for the wedding of my niece.  While I was there I found the cutest bead store.  Of course I went in and bought things,  which was good because she really had some wonderful items that I had not seen in my home town bead store.   The name of this little store was Jumping Mouse Beads.  and I had lots of fun, looking around the store and finding little objects that I could use as well as some absolutely gorgeous Shibori Silk.   OH it is beautiful.  Of course I bought some.  The Owner,  or at least the person working there,  was absolutely the nicest person ever.  I felt like I had know her my whole life.  she gave off such a wonderful artistic vibe  that I could have been in the store for a very long time.  Too bad I had to go find the quilt store as well.

  I feel that we as beaders should always support our local stores,  but if we are traveling we should try to support the other small stores that are out there.

If AI get back to that area again ( which I am sure I will )  I will see you again,  Jumping Mouse Beads

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