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Feathers Blog Hop

  So about a month ago,  Rachel posted that she was doing a blog hop, and it was with feathers.   Feathers that she had made.  So I got a pair.  They are so nice She made them out of leather, and I really loved them.  So what to do.  Well,  the design came to me as always just as I fall asleep ( It is amazing that I remember them in the morning)  and I got busy.  I had to make the cabs using some small designs that I had and then the rest just fell into place.   So here they are.

  Hope you like them,  and Thanks Rachel  for letting me join this blog hop.

Here are the other people who participated in the blog hop

Rachel Mallis (host) http://www.mintmonarch.com/

Inge von Roos https://ingetraud.wordpress.com/

Lori Blanchard alainnjewelry.WordPress.com

Linda Anderson http://fromTheBeadBoard.blogspot.com

Deb Fortin www.mhotistudio.blogspot.ca

Rebecca Robertson White http://morganafeycreations.121hub.com/#sec-blog

Lucy Bejarano http://lucybejaranojewelry.blogspot.com

Jenny Kyrlach http://anafiassa.blogspot.com/

Marina Rios http://fancifuldevices.blogspot.com/ 

Georgie Marcu https://instagram.com/nearlylostjewelry/

Christina Taylor www.dreamcatjewelry.wordpress.com

Comments ( 5 )
  • l
    9/5/2015 6:37:15 PM

    Hiya Rebecca, I was so confused as to how to find your post. =( Once I FINALLY found them - they are creative and unique! I wouldn't have thought to use the feathers as a background for a cab....and then to have the crystals hang from there. Creative and different. I kinda like 'em. =) Linda http://fromTheBeadBoard.blogspot.com http://cherryOnTopDesign.co


  • R
    9/5/2015 7:11:38 PM

    Wow! I love what you did with those, Rebecca! You picked a perfect pallet to compliment the feathers, and I love the cab! Thank you so much for joining me in the feather love! <3


  • A
    Ann Schroeder
    9/7/2015 12:57:32 AM

    Wow - these are amazing. I love what you've done with them. Those pops of orange/red look great with the feathers!

    Ann Schroeder

  • f
    9/7/2015 1:00:58 AM

    Ditto on the pallet comment- the different elements blend seamlessly. really cool how you gave these a victorian vibe even though alone the feathers are almost cowboy-ish. These look so good!


  • J
    Jenny Kyrlach
    9/7/2015 3:24:41 PM

    What a lovely combination! I love the color palette you used... Beautiful work!

    Jenny Kyrlach

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