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Dance Macabre

  Well,  the Dance Macabre has been announced and I joined in and am going to make a very interesting piece of jewelry.   But that was not the only one announced

  This is the other one,  and It promises to be just as fun and interesting as the first.   Of course  there is also the Feather blog hop which is due Sept 5th.  and I am also doing a Water Conservation challange   sponsered  by Sarah Rose of Jewelry Because.    I have wonderful ideas for all of these pieces.  and I am already getting started on them.   

 I am really feeling like beading right now,  I don't know it that is because I have been working on my decorated eggs so hard for the show coming up in Sept.  It will be Sept 26-27, In Middleberg, Ohio.  I am just about done beading all the eggs that I want to take.  I believe that I have one left to do,  so I am enjoying  planning out jewelry to make.  Not just for the blog hops, but some that I just want to do for the business.  So hopefully,  this will become a very productive time for me,  and I will get a lot done.

  Keep dreaming your dreams,  and happy beading.

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