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When you open a bag of M&M's, do you sort them out according to color.  The blues, yellows, reds and browns all in their own little piles. Or do you just pour them into one pile?

What about colored beads when you are working with them.  Do you Keep them in separate piles or do you dump them together to see how the different colors work together.When we work with color, do we only use the colors that the color wheel shows us, or do we stretch our minds and use beads that we might not use, but gosh, they look kinda great together.

I find myself wanting to constrain myself and use colors of one family, one color selection on the wheel.  But I often wonder if that is too basic.  I feel like a need to mix and not match for some of the ideas that I have.  Such as pulling out a color that is not dominate in my focal bead, and using more of that color then normal.

 I would love to see more of this kind of beading, because I feel that it makes the piece more alive and more interesting.

 Happy beading.

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