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Bracelets and focals

  Hi there,  Where do you find inspiration?   In the world around you. or from dreams   or is it something that you see that triggers a memory and the a design come forth?

   I find that I draw my designs from memories of things that I have seen or from the world around me.  By that I mean nature,  the ocean, Birds in flight, and flowers.   I find that it is the colors, or the motion ( waves crashing on the beach)  (Bluebirds or other brightly colored birds)  or just a beautiful palette of colors from nature.  I become inspired to make something that reminds me of what it is I saw.

  I am about to start a challange for  Ocean concervancy with  Sarah Rose on Facebook.  I also have two other blog hops that seem to be in the beginning stages that I want to do.
  So  I am keeping myself atuned to the world around me for inspiration  for all the jewelry that I want to make.

  Keep beading and have a good week.

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