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Hi there,
  Well another week has come and gone, and I did manage to get two beading projects done.  I am quite happy at the way they turned out.

  I took time out from my many projects to visit the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  I took over 130 photos and all turned out great.  This is one of the photos that I took.  I took lots of flower photos because that's what I love to do the most.  The day was nice,  not too hot and there were not
a lot of people there.

I have been keeping up with taking at least one photo a day.  I will have to somehow scrapbook them all  so that I have some sort of reference as to what photo was taken when.  I can be quite slow at downloading photos from my camera, so I really need to keep a list of what I took and when.  I did finally manage to finish a scrapbook from my cruise that I took early this year.

Well that's about all for now,  Keep smiling and keep crafting.


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