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Well,  Not only did I sign up for one blog hop,  I signed up for another and just realized it is due this Saturday.   Thank goodness I am already working on it,  but  I will have to move fast in order to get it done in time.   Of course it did not help that I had to order the beads that I needed.  This one is on butterflies,  which I love and can not wait to have my project done. I have designed this project just for this blog hop  but also took the time to design others.  I Love taking photo of butterflies and do it every time I get the chance.   I love going to butterfly houses especially,  since you have a wonderful chance of getting lots of pictures of many different kinds of butterflies.  I don't think that I will get the whole project done,  but I will certainly try.   and with that I am back to beading.
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