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Another Blog Hop

  Well I have joined another blog hop.  Just one of many I am joining right now.     This one is being run by  Rachel Mallis (host) http://www.mintmonarch.com/#!blog/c1jlz    

and is using feathers.   I have several wonderful ideas about what to do,  and will be playing with them for the next few days to see what design works the best.  I am excited to work with these feathers,  they are very nice and I see lots of possibilities.  So  The revel date is Sept 5th.  and I will be ready.

    I also am doing  a challange for Sarah Rose for water conservation,  I am not sure what all we need to do as I have not heard yet.  There are a few more that I want to sign up for,  and I want to find some  books on different stitches  that everyone seems to be using. ( I am always the last to know)  

  I have also dreamed up a project that I want to start working on,  and all I will tell you  about it is that it involves  egg shells,  paint,  Ice resin, and maybe some other components.  So  Keep your eyes peeled for  something new.

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  • R
    8/30/2015 11:25:42 PM

    I'm looking forward to seeing your creation! Thanks for posting beforehand too =]


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