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Alenka's Birthday Butterfly Hop

Alenka organized this blog hop to celebrate her birthday.  The theme is butterflies.    .  So  I wish you Alenka a very happy birthday.

I love butterflies.  Always have ,  always will.  I love taking photos of butterflies    So for this challenge  by Alenka  (http://pepita-handmade.blogspot.com/)  I took one of my photos and using Bead Tool 4   made a beautiful  peyote tapestry.  It is 6 X 4 inches.  I hope you enjoy it.

Please check out all the other artists that also participated in this challenge.

1. Alenka (Pepita) - hostess --> http://pepita-handmade.blogspot.com/
2. Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) --> http://ahalfbakednotion.blogspot.com/
6. Christine Altmiller --> http://onekisscreations.blogspot.com/
8. Dini Bruinsma --> http://angazabychanges.blogspot.com/
9. Cynthia (Antiquity Travelers) --> http://antiquitytravelers.blogspot.com/
11. sheilaposter --> http://catswithbeads.blogspot.com/
16. Ana (ACBeads) --> http://acbeads.blogspot.com/
17. Jasvanti Patel --> http://jewelrybyjasvanti.blogspot.com/
19. Nan Smith --> http://wirednan.blogspot.com/
Comments ( 7 )
  • B
    Beti Horvath
    4/11/2015 6:44:29 PM

    Found it! Your work is lovely. Butterflies work so well for beading!

    Beti Horvath

  • C
    4/11/2015 9:04:06 PM

    This tapestry is beautiful! The colors and the shine and the subject are all so strong and gorgeous! I can hardly make a 1.5 square of weaving. I cannot imagine doing a 6 x 4! "


  • A
    4/11/2015 9:58:59 PM

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you very much for having joined me in this blog hop! What an interesting way of creating - making a beaded tapestry from a picture!! Well done! Alenka


  • D
    Dini Bruinsma
    4/12/2015 6:00:42 PM

    I have never seen something like this before... So many different creations, inspired by the same theme... Beautiful ♥ work!

    Dini Bruinsma

  • c
    4/12/2015 9:16:45 PM

    Beautiful photography! and lovely tapestry!


  • N
    4/14/2015 7:14:01 PM

    Very pretty butterfly!


  • M
    Monique (A Half-Baked Notion)
    4/22/2015 3:47:26 PM

    Hi Rebecca! Sorry to have taken so long to comment but I was unable to locate your post until today!! I hope I was the only one to have this issue :( I have edited my post to include this direct link. I love that you used an original photo to create such a wonderful design. Is Bead Tool 4 software similar to programs for making cross stitch patterns? It was fun meeting you and seeing your lovely site :)

    Monique (A Half-Baked Notion)

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