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Good Day to all my fellow beaders,    You know there were several more questions posed for us beaders who are doing the bead/blog hop.  I thought I would answer those today.   What is my favorite style?   I like all style,  but i find myself drawn to the smaller beaded collars, and beaded focals.   I do love beaded cuffs as well.  I also like to do beaded sculptural forms as well  ( but more on that later)    What kind of materials do I like to use.  Well for beading,  I love fireline,  and other threads  I have not yet tried the shibori ribbon,  and i really want to  (I have seen so many of my fellow beaders doing  really gorgeous work with it.)   I have worked with  soutache braid,  but I need more practice with it.   I can do beaded beads, or any style like that.   I really don't like Nymo thread.  I get extremely  frustrated when i use it.  It always knots horribly.  What techniques do I prefer.  and what don't i like.    I am not sure what is meant by techniques.  I love bead weaving, bead embroidery, and wirewrapping.  I don't think that there is any technique thatI don't like.  Just some that I do more ofter than others.   If by techniques you mean peyote, herringbone, RAW, or CRAW, brick or square.  Peyote would be tops.   I have designed several different peyote panels ( pictures)  that i enjoy doing.  RAW is another of my favorites.

what colors do i  use and like the most and which do I run screaming from?   I love color,  love mixing and matching colors to make  piece look a certain way.  Blues, purples, and greens are my favorites,  and well as metal colors.  But I also love reds, oranges, pinks and yellows as well.      NEON colors.  NO WAY.  don't like them at all.

So now you now a bit more about me.   What you don't know, is that I love animals,  a great joke. am a good listener, and love being outdoors,  which is why my studio is now in a barn where I can open up the doors and windows  and listen to the birds, while I work.

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  • d
    3/2/2015 6:00:19 PM

    wow.. love the piece you have here...and I love listening to the birds while I work too!! Yay... I miss them during the winter.....


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