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2016 Swap and Hop

   I got my blog hop partner this week and I thought I would share a bit about her.   She sounds like she would be so much fun to get together with and "play" with the beads.  But she lives a ocean away.  So  here is a bit about her.

               I go by the name of Nelly May for blogging ( www.smellynelly.blogspot.com ) When I was working, I was an engineer working on radar systems and the like. And although I'm itching to get back to work now that both of the kids are at school, I need a change of direction. Something less "thinky" and intense so that my mind is free to enjoy my family.
               It was my engineering side that brought me to beads and jewellery. The endless design and construction possibilities please me immensely and the "ooh shiny" factor of those tiny little beauties, well, you'll understand that perfectly!

              Aside from beads I LOVE my polymer clay. It's like building with colour. And of course wire. What kind of engineer would I be if I didn't like playing with wire?
              Outside of crafting my big loves are insects and rocks. I drag my poor family all over the place looking under rocks, investigating pretty fungi, traipsing up hills and splashing through puddles inspecting tiny tadpoles, pretty plants, interesting trees and fascinating fauna. I'm in my element over here with so many weird and wonderful creatures.

             Well,  I can not wait to get all her goodies together and send them to her.  This will be lots of fun and I can not wait to see what she designs with my presents of bead stash.

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